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I lost the Deadly Music DOT Com domain in 2018 but I’ve left the above digital image here as a reminder of when I photoshopped it as a Flyer and large Sticker I had stuck on a big padlocked tin box that together with my mobile number in large type was attached to the back of my motorbike.

I’d ride the roads and streets of Cambodia with my guitar in a soft case strapped to my back and my portable speaker, leads, mic and foot pedal in my custom made speaker box. Unfortunately, having invested the time, effort and money to purchase the speaker, make the box, print flyers and solicit venues, I got to play no more than a few poorly paid gigs.

Even though I approached venues to play for as little as $20 per 45 minute set, tourist bars and restaurants either weren’t interested, preferred their electronic drug music or liked to retain imported Filipino performers to cover Western songs rather than an authentic White Cow’s Boy to play his Original Songs & Covers. What can I say … um … “Total Fashion Victims!” … are the nicest words that spring to mind.

Similarly, having made my #ArtistsForTruth Radio Show available as a free public resource for more than four years without receiving any likes or shares or comments that attest to it having an audience, I decided in 2020 with 20-20 hindsight, to make it Private and available to those who support my work as outlined on the JOIN or DONATE page. Simply request the link with your generous donation.

One Reply to “My Radio Show”

  1. Re: Episode 5. I guess it’s a bit long and might be misconstrued by some as self-promotion or my attempting to somehow inadvertently self-aggrandise. For those however who take the time to listen to this broadcast to the end, you might agree this self-referencing for which I might be criticised, really only serves to more effectively make my point.

    That understood, I do feel the need to qualify some of what I’ve said in this episode. The short of it is, I’m currently (2017-2018) reading Existentialist writers such as ‘Soren Kierkegaard’ and every time I do, I’m reminded this book I’m referencing in this broadcast is not a difficult book to read. If anything, it’s a “sensible” book.

    I also want to qualify my rather sweeping generalisation that all contemporary university courses are a subversion of truth. I have little doubt this is not the case but that my POV as broadcast in this episode was based around one particularly “over” complicated (i.e. superfluously sophisticated rather than sensible) course from which I withdrew in disgust after having completed more than 70% with distinctions. Consequently at the time of this broadcast I felt quite a bit of antipathy/contempt for the sophistry of it.

    Thanks to anyone who has taken the time to listen to my broadcasts and support my work.

    – Tommy Roberts (show host)


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