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I am the host of the below embedded #ArtistsForTruth show on Deadly Music Radio.

I record an episode when I can. I wonder IF it will ever get enough listeners to warrant trying to get Artists on the show to interview? I’m the Featured Artist until I do.

Deadly Music Radio also hosts some of my Walks & Talks (opens in a new window)

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My website domains cited in these broadcasts have, conveniently for some perhaps but certainly not myself, as of Feb 2018, been lost.

Not only have my “” AND “” domains been lost but also the home of the #ArtistsForTruth Show on Deadly Music RADIO, “”.

My Sun City Media services are now available c/-

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One Reply to “My Radio Show”

  1. Re: Episode 5. I guess it’s a bit long and might be misconstrued by some as self-promotion or my attempting to somehow inadvertently self-aggrandise. For those however who take the time to listen to this broadcast to the end, you might agree this self-referencing for which I might be criticised, really only serves to more effectively make my point.

    That understood, I do feel the need to qualify some of what I’ve said in this episode. The short of it is, I’m currently (2017-2018) reading Existentialist writers such as ‘Soren Kierkegaard’ and every time I do, I’m reminded this book I’m referencing in this broadcast is not a difficult book to read. If anything, it’s a “sensible” book.

    I also want to qualify my rather sweeping generalisation that all contemporary university courses are a subversion of truth. I have little doubt this is not the case but that my POV as broadcast in this episode was based around one particularly “over” complicated (i.e. superfluously sophisticated rather than sensible) course from which I withdrew in disgust after having completed more than 70% with distinctions. Consequently at the time of this broadcast I felt quite a bit of antipathy/contempt for the sophistry of it.

    Thanks to anyone who has taken the time to listen to my broadcasts and support my work.

    – Tommy Roberts (show host)


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