Filmed against a Green Screen with a small action Camera mounted on a tripod and edited in Final Cut. This is my second Video Song Demo for 2017. Please take the time to Watch it and THINK

There is a lot I might say about this song and I may write a dedicated post where I discuss the song in greater detail. To give you the gist of what it’s about I’ve copied the following text from one of my recent Facebook Page comments:

… it’s a Crony Capitalist Crypto Communist #NeoHegeMonopolistic Corporate Supremacy NWO agenda. These financial elites and their collabor-traitors are essentially Neoliberals who appear to promote worthy Liberal values but do it divisively c/- “Altruism” that is itself an unmentionable intelligentsia’s secularisation of Spiritual Principles in order to create the false Parasitical Parallels required for native host constituents to be complicit in their own subversion and oppression (i.e. become pseudo-parasites) for the benefit and ultimately tyranny of the Virtual Host which is of course The devil beast System otherwise referred to as The Parasite. I try to both explain and illuminate at the least some of this in my latest song titled, #TheSophisticatedParasite


If you have any questions or criticisms please LOG IN to leave a comment so I can address them in the aforementioned post I may write IF I receive enough interest in this song.

In the meantime you can check out my social media profiles c/- the icons in the bottom left corner of this Artist Blog. Simply do a search for #TheSophisticatedParasite and you should find relevant posts although most of these posts will be in my private Google+ Collections that require a FOLLOW to my Google+ Profile in order to access.



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