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Liberalism as a political ideology advocates for, among myriad things, healthy competition in a mostly free market that is regulated in the interests of small competing businesses and against potential monopolies (i.e. anti-trust laws). This has been corrupted whereby governments serve special commercial interests namely the corporate person and usury over (yet often in the guise of) representing the human person being their individual host society constituents namely, consumers and debt/wage slaves.

Adam Smith, warned of the evils that might transpire in a business dominated political system and today’s spiritually unintelligent Neoliberalism has borne that out; it lacks the wisdom and sense of social stewardship Smith’s free trade liberalism originally intended

– Quoted from my post ARTWORK

Society degenerates into a Miley Cyrus type Cultural Marxism not as a result of well regulated free trade capitalism per se but because corrupt or incompetent governments have facilitated the rise of corporate monopolies. This corporatism is very closed shop whereby a Neoliberal elite preside over the alchemy of who gets to rise up the food chain in what is now effectively a closed shop, devil-beast system.

Perhaps I should point out I don’t judge Miley Cyrus over this. In the struggle to survive my life or in the pursuit of my art – to discern or illuminate truth – I too have said or done but mostly seen 😜 degenerate things  🔞

Adolf Hitler understood that when government; political, commercial, cultural and media establishments or The System is for the most part owned by a cabal of global financial elites or international gangsters or call them what you will, the best of the host society get buried (like my EP on iTunes) while, lesser, position clambering, ignoble, greedy, sycophantic, status-quo mired, egotistical, mentalities rise in the political system to serve these masters. ‘Lessers’ rise in the media system to serve these masters. ‘Lessers’ rise in the commercial sectors to serve these masters. These ‘lessers’ invariably breed workplace cultures that are increasingly stupid and nasty.

‘intellectually impoverished’ and ‘diminished’ and ‘deficient’ were some of the terms to name only a few Hitler used to describe what he referred to as, political bandits’ who beg for the approval of the majority so they can unload the responsibility at any time (Mein Kampf, 1943, pp. 75-77).

The result is there is little to no accountability in political leadership. This facilitates Kleptocracy. These political bandits as Hitler called them perform the function of winning the approval of the majority in order to serve the interests of the few. Namely, their corporate masters.

Society also becomes inverted. The best and brightest of the host nation are devalued and lorded over by their well positioned ‘lessers’ who may also be host constituents but wittingly or unwittingly serve parasite interests rather than the host nation. Substantive content is devalued and replaced by vacuous guff served up by a regressive or debauched pop culture and media (incl. controlled opposition in contemporary Alt. Media) for purposes of diversion and propaganda. This causes among other things the society to despise its best minds; to fail to comprehend the value of their work; to render their contributions worthless; to marginalize and disenfranchise the best of their own.

Perhaps the real and in the final analysis unnecessary crime in so far as it seems to me to fail to serve even the longer term interests of those behind this self-serving system is to be, wealthy but cheap

The best guidance from the best minds who are effectively marginalized or disenfranchised, gets little or no positive, systemic, social or media exposure and is therefore lost to the society that instead of looking to the best of itself is fooled into believing these aforementioned ‘lessers’ are the best of itself. The host society consequently undermines itself by appealing c/- these guileless or sell-out representatives, to the authority, the direction and the approval of the parasite. The society is now actively complicit in its own subversion and bent upon self-destruction in a race to the bottom.

In my opinion, The Neoliberal [666-DevilBeast-VirtualHost-Parasite] Capitalist/Marxist System serves a …

Crony Capitalist Crypto Communist #NeoHegeMonopolistic Corporate Supremacy NWO agenda

In other words, Big Gov. for Big Biz so not in your best interests if you happen to be a human person rather than an indemnified soulless entity or in other words a corporate person with special interests.

#TheSophisticatedParasite is both Fascist and Communist. It’s a contradiction in terms that thrives on conflict between elemental and/or engineered opposites. It’s a Usurper. It’s a Paradox. It’s the BiG BoSS HoG.

I’ve written a lot about this stuff but it seems no one thinks my work is relevant so at the time of writing this post I still have 0 Patrons even though I’m chasing 27, 000 000 as should be outlined in the Goals section on my Patreon page.

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  • This post with some minor text amendments was originally a YouTube comment I left on this RedIce.TV video
  • Here’s another YouTube comment I left on the video:

Problem with these so called FIRMS is that in an oppressed economy they’ll wind up fighting for money which means they will become Corporate Thugs for the Crony-Capitalist-Crypto-Communist #NeoHegeMonopolistic Corporate Supremacy interests (i.e. global financial elites) who are behind this whole thing.

The only way this won’t happen is if these FIRMS subscribe to higher principles and a more meaningful code of ethics that money is unable to corrupt. Given their characters, how likely is this to happen?

It will require at the very least, an enigmatic leader who is able to appeal to their sense of personal respect and mythology and also reconcile the societal poof/thug culture paradigm.

Sweden needs to discover its’ authentic leadership and support their struggle if they ever hope to send the invaders packing let alone give #TheSophisticatedParasite a smacking!









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