The Seduction of Utopia

I explain the seduction of utopia in my new book, The Seduction of Utopia (© 2018) or put differently, I would if I could summon the inclination to write the book.

Unfortunately, much of my inclination to write the book finds itself dependent on having the resources required to self-publish and distribute to an audience that constitutes more than the sub par market share required for covering the costs of having produced, marketed and distributed the book let alone having dedicated the time and energy required to write it. So then, it’s unlikely you will have the opportunity at airports around the world, to avail yourself of this my not only new but indeed first published book. I have therefore, decided to take a different approach to the task of explaining the seduction of utopia.

Rather than attempt to extract money from you so you can be better or at the least more thoroughly informed as to the how and why of it, I have instead decided to make this knowledge available to you free.

The reason I’m going to all this trouble without compensation to myself, is, twofold. One of the plethora of reasons in my twofold reason, is, I’m unencumbered by production costs to market. I can at the least make access to said information available without substantial overheads incurred to myself. Another one of the plethora of reasons in my twofold reason, is, it enables both myself and indeed any curious potential customers of my work to engage in a vetting process.

I’m able to know those who bother to Join or Donate have understood my work well enough to comprehend the worth of doing that. These supporters of my ongoing work may in turn be reassured by the notion that if I discover a plausible way to begin to resurrect utopia, I may well publish that as a private post.

Some patrons may also feel it gives them the potential opportunity to be of some small yet nevertheless, great service to humanity by printing and distributing far and wide within the terms of their respective capacities, my aforementioned, should it ever be written and published to my Private Artist Blog, private post. Perhaps I will title it, Utopian Survival Guide or something similar.

The following clips are a sample of some of my public content that pertains, in one way or another, to this theme, The Seduction of Utopia.

QUASI-CORRECTION: @ 3:15 minutes into this video I meant to say, ” … from the perspective of the target audience which in this case is, The Property Manager and Her Team of Girls …” but instead I said, ” … from the perspective of the target audience which in this case is, The Bird Board“.

While I may have accidentally conflated ~ ’cause birds and girls and stuff ~ the object or problem that needs to be fixed with the subject or WHY the problem has not only not been fixed but has not been properly identified, I have inadvertently illuminated the power of market share and speed/access to market to influence the thinking or rather perspective of The Property Manager and Her Team of Girls and ultimately of course the UN-natural order of things in The [666-DevilBeast-VirtualHost-Parasite] System.

@ approx 10:00 into the video I would have preferred to have been a little more pedantic and instead said, “… the HU respecting, host nation loving and honest Jew etc … “ rather than use the word “Self … “

While this video alludes for the most part to the European Migrant Crisis, it might also be applied to other realities such as the financial terrorism and economic oppression visited on the American people by The Bank under the Obama administration. Suffice it to say where the Art of the Countervailing Aesthetic is concerned, at least in so far as it pertains to the African Tom Cat, it seems, that no matter the Administration, the Fox yet also, of course, the colorful Red Rooster is still very much in the hen house.

The first song demo here is quite rough and ready and my harp is terrible but the song will sound great given a tight treatment. Even if you lack the vision to appreciate the first song, the second song is a No Brainer for a #1 Alt Country hit song so feel free to invest in making that happen.

These videos are in my YouTube Playlists

One Reply to “The Seduction of Utopia”

  1. The System is supposed to serve not subjugate The Kingdom. As I say in my ‘Top Cat 4 The Roof Rats’ video, The System needs to be improved not only by Corporate consultants but by consultants who help to ensure the human (resources) bottom line not only the corporate (profit margin) bottom line is adequately represented in the context of The System.




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