Some Hot Potatoes

I didn’t create the above picture. I don’t know who the artist is but if I attempted to paint something similar, I’d make a few minor changes. I’m not suggesting I’m The Christ or even close to being The Almighty Creator in The Flesh but amendments would include gracing The Christ with blue/grey eyes like mine and hair like mine used to be when I was younger and still had hair. Yes, folks, that’s why I wear the cowboy hat!

Yes, in my view, it’s unlikely Jesus was a Jew. It’s more likely he was an Aryan-Celt from a Judahite (or Nazarene) tribe. An ancient Israelite of The Royal Line. A White Guy.


I like the featured Arm Wrestle picture because I think it well represents, reality. In my view reality is where Truth or The Christ meets The Lie or The Devil and they Wrestle each other for Victory. The picture captures a moment when they seem to be negotiating a tenuous balance or symbiosis.

In my view, The Christ represents Life, Spiritual Truth and The Aryan Ideal. This includes, Justice, Peace and The HUman Kingdom whereby HU refers to the Spirit. So, spiritual man with a soul. It’s also worth mentioning for those who aren’t aware, the saying, “Save Your Soul” is an old fashioned way (so-to-speak) of saying, “Save Your Life!”

The Red Devil or Demon on the other hand is Carnal and represents The MAN System. I sometimes use the following terms, among others, to more fully describe this system.

The Canaanite or rather The Cainite System ~ The Neoliberal [666-DevilBeast-VirtualHost-Parasite] Capitalist/Marxist Corporate System ~ Zio-Marxism ~ ZOG or ZMOG ~ The Corporate (soulless entity) System ~ The Orwellian Fascist/Communist NWO ~ The Crony-Capitalist-Crypto-Communist #NeoHegeMonopolistic Corporate-Supremacy ~ The Divide & Steal.

To simplify, the picture, in my view, represents The Divide & Steal versus The Aryan Ideal or in other words, The System versus The Kingdom. The correct role of The System is of course to SERVE not subjugate The Kingdom.

The above text gives a brief introduction to my world view. I’ve recently started posting some of my Socio-Political Commentary to Blogger.


Hopefully The Orwellian Communist NWO doesn’t take my hard work offline. So, check out my posts on Blogger while you still can. Simply click a cool-hot-potato (opens in a new window).

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