Script For Presentation

The following text is a paraphrasing of my original (February 2019) comment on a video I thought to be a worthwhile listen. I can’t recall for sure but it may have been this video my comment was based around. The below text will serve as script for a voice recording or short presentation I hope to do when I again have access to appropriate recording equipment.

Suffice it to say, my notebook computer stopped working in November 2018 and I still haven’t been able to retain local employment. Nor, to date, have I received a single dollar of income from the sale of my 2011/13 Australia Wide EP, or (save one exception) from any of my Freelance Services or my above linked Join Or Donate page.

Script ~ Yes, I am Quite Right. I am that I am. I am also White Dragon Monk and an Adolfian True Blue Patriot. Yes, it’s true! The New so-called Left or in other words, the Left wing of the Corporate Neoliberal ZMOG Bird, has been duped out of the true path of authentic Liberalism and corralled into its false parasitical parallel, namely, Marxist Altruism to do the Politically Correct and Identity Politics grunt work for its nemesis, The Orwellian Communist NWO.

On the flip side, I’d like to point out how not only the term “The Left” but also the word “Socialism” has been divisively weaponized particularly in the American psyche and popular culture to refer to either Cultural Marxist Lumpen-Proletariat or Big Corporate Gov for Special Commercial interests.

This is an important point because it is part of The Devil’s Swindle. When those on the Alt (White Nationalist) Right reinforce this demonization of the notion of “Socialism” and allude to “Capitalism” as The Solution, it plays directly into the hands of #TheSophisticatedParasite AKA “The Red Devil” whereby their predominantly White male base whom they purport to advocate for are inadvertently corralled into the slaughterhouse of attempting to compete and survive as good Capitalists according to the terms and conditions not of traditional Free Market Liberalism but of the closed shop #NeoHegeMonopolistic NWO economy.

Yes, there will be those few who are allowed to succeed in order to model themselves as successful Capitalists so others follow their lead. The result however, similar to predominantly White males returning from their service as ZOG’s foot soldiers/cannon fodder for undeclared Neocon wars, will invariably be high suicide rates owing to high failure rates in a closed-shop system. This includes the increasingly high preponderance of low self-efficacy that comes with failure. Conceivably, a premeditated, engineered Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars demoralization PSYOP c/- The Orwellian Communist NWO.

The White Nationalist Right need to stop being such model Capitalists who vilify the notion of Socialism. They need to stop making out as though the solution resides in returning to what has proven itself to be a socially destructive, Capitalism. This is a nonsense. This is as much a part of The Lie in service of the Corporate Supremacy that is Crony-Capitalist Communism, as is the misconception that the Capitalist contra-dialectic “Marxism” constitutes, Socialism. Marxism is not Socialism per se. It is a false parasitical parallel of Socialism that in concert with Zio-Nationalism, Zio-Marxism and a contemporary Capitalism that is manifestly Corporate, facilitates, Communism.

The irony is, TRUE (public banking) Socialism is not only the viable anti-dote to Central Banking Communism but it is the authentic mentality of those naturally predisposed to The Aryan Ideal, namely the “Noble Minded” Ancestrally Native White Western European peoples and nations thereof, most of whom have been duped into variables of Avarice and/or Altruism for The Divide & Steal.

The swindle has in large part been accomplished c/- the contra-dialectics of Capitalism and Marxism that conspire to deliver divisive false L/R paradigm Neoliberalism. A Corporate and consequently, soulless entity, construct that disingenuously masquerades not only as Humanitarian Politically Correct Identity Politics but also as, Right Wing Conservatism.

For more commentary pending upload and my Yet To Be Announced, Final Solution, indicate your interest to JOIN my community garden club, World Citizen National Socialists … or perhaps it should be called, World Citizen Social Nationalists or if you prefer to sound really Non-Violent & Fluffy Bear, Raise-A-Pinky (over a cup of tea) PC perhaps even, World Citizen Sociable Nationalists.

Thank you.

One of my most important points being, despite what it may say in this worthwhile broadcast … I advise both establishment personnel and sovereign citizens to not enter into Civil War because with too few exceptions both sides of that conflict will be too duped/stupid and too compromised to not unwittingly do the divisive dirty work for their mutual enemy. To use a proverbial, in my view, it is best true samurai take care of business rather than mesmerized white blood cells cluster fuck at the infection.

This being the case, I, as I suspect others in a controlled job market and debt economy might also, look to a local community garden club or variable thereof, to help ensure my home, in the event I’m unable to meet interest repayments, is not foreclosed upon or in other words, stolen by a Communist state asset grab.

Owing to the new ‘Blocks’ editing software now used by wordpress and what seems to be a less functional ‘Classic’ editor whereby the ‘Insert from link’ option refused to embed the below episode, you can now listen to a raw presentation of my script, in lieu of the aforementioned equipment, spoken into my old mobile phone HERE (opens in a new window).

BTW, here’s a WIP (work-in-progress) for the garden club’s insignia. I should be able to complete it when or if I again have access to Photoshop image editing software. Perhaps I’ll throw in a spade or a shovel or something that might help a new gardener, whether working in the garden or relaxing at the club house card table, to correctly discriminate between the two.

World's Truest Community Garden Club
Is what I say here true? ~ Or is it Misinfo or possibly even Disinfo? Am I a Liar or just a Fool? In my view, Free Speech, is the right to articulate a Point of View in order to begin to more accurately ascertain not only what is real but also, if it’s true.

This post’s feature image is “Wandering Jew” also known as “Purple Heart” or even just “That Pretty Vine”. The Wandering Jew or Tradescantia fluminensis is a succulent-stemmed, sprawling member of the Spiderwort family. Wandering Jew is known for its’ leaves of striped white, green, silver, and purple.

It is an extremely invasive weed excellent at smothering other plants in the area and taking over. It has trailing vines that flow from its base which can be tempting for cats to play with and if ingested can make them sick. In addition to these qualities, it is also toxic to your dog.

Emperor Tom
White Dragon Monk with Princess, China 2000

The above picture is another story but I figured it’s worth including here because in my view, a war with China or any other nation, while it may divert public attention from systemic issues in The West, isn’t a true solution. Nor is it likely to accomplish anything worthwhile.

Suffice it to say, no I didn’t get to dip my wick nor I strongly suspect would the princess have requested the photo or her royal escort, their lives contingent upon protecting her dignity, obliged the opportunity, if they hadn’t believed I am a noble character.


It’s just a tourist photo that came replete with a pretty prop!

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